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Top 5 Reasons for Tiredness

Think you’re getting enough sleep but still hugging your pillow in the morning? Feeling tired isn’t always linked to not getting enough sleep or burning yourself out during the day.


Although not getting enough sleep could be an obvious reason behind tiredness there are often many minor problems which are relatively simple to fix.



  1. Not eating enough or well enough


Not necessarily an obvious cause of fatigue, but when you think that food is essentially your energy source then it’s easy to understand why food is a major factor when it comes to how we feel. If you begin the day with chocolate then your blood sugar levels will peak and soon crash which leaves you feeling sluggish.


To avoid crashing from high sugar foods try to include more complex carbohydrates and protein in your breakfast. Scrambled eggs on a nice slice of multigrain toast is great for maintaining stable energy levels.



  1. Interrupting your sleep pattern


Probably the most common reason for feeling sluggish in the morning is due to interrupting sleep cycles. It is a common misconception that you go from light sleep into deep sleep and then slowly come out of a deep sleep when you wake up.  In fact, you slip into light and deep sleep throughout the night in 90-minute sleep cycles.  This means that it is less to do with the amount of time, but whether you are interrupting your sleep cycle. For more info about sleep cycles visit our blog on optimising your sleep.



  1. Food intolerance


Again this isn’t an obvious one but food intolerances can make you feel sleepy. Take gluten, for instance, even if you don’t have coeliac disease it is quite common to feel tired or lethargic after eating gluten. In sensitive people, the immune reaction triggered by eating gluten can prevent the proper absorption of nutrients. This deprives your brain, nervous system and organs of the nourishment they need. Your tiredness results from the lack of nutrients and you may experience headaches as well.



  1. Drinking too much


Tiredness is too often caused by simple lifestyle factors such as drinking too much alcohol. If you drink alcohol in the evening there is a chance that it could wake you up in the middle of the night. If you drink a lot regularly it could trigger mild depression and affect your sleep this way too.



  1. Anxiety


Another common reason for fatigue is anxiety. A survey conducted by the Mental Health Foundation found that nearly a third of the population suffer some level of sleep-deprivation often due to financial or career worries.


This is understandable – day-to-day life can be stressful and exhausting. Mental health issues are not only emotionally draining they’re physically draining and can make getting a good night’s sleep difficult. If you think your mood is effecting your sleep then consulting a doctor for advice would be a great first step to getting your sleep and mood back on track.

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