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How Exercise Improves Your Brain

We all know exercise is good for the body, but what most people do not know is that it is great for the brain too.  The human brain evolved under conditions of constant motion.  This means that the brain’s optimal environment is one that includes motion.  You could say that the best business meeting would have everyone walking around the room.


Movement boosts blood and oxygen supply

One possible reason is that movement, or exercise, boosts the blood and oxygen supply to the brain which helps boost its capacity.  One of the most interesting findings of the past few decades is that an increase in oxygen boosts mental sharpness.  It may also promote the growth of neurons and perhaps encourage the release of certain neurotransmitters and growth hormones that are crucial to the brain’s overall health.  All of which could contribute to better concentration and memory.


A study that looked into two populations, one that led a sedentary lifestyle and one that led an active lifestyle, showed that cognitive ability was profoundly influenced by which community they were from. It found that exercise had a substantially positive effect on spatial tasks, reaction times and quantitative skills.


What about less intensive exercise?

Many of the studies that have looked into the effect of exercise on mental processes have focused specifically on aerobic exercise (i.e. running) but another recent study has shown that yoga can also have acute effects on cognitive function. The idea behind this is not necessarily to stay slim and flexible but to boost brain function.


The researchers tested 30 volunteers against each other, comparing a quick yoga session with an equal period of moderate aerobic exercise.  The study showed that those following the yoga were better able to focus their mental processes and take in pieces of information more effectively.


It is believed that yoga’s meditative properties are what allowed it to fair better than just aerobic activities in this instance.  Meditation and breathing exercises are known to reduce anxiety and stress, which in turn can improve cognitive function.


But where does Core Focus fit into this?  Well, we are all about naturally improving cognitive function and promoting a more brain healthy lifestyle; taking Core Focus is one way to promote this, but if you are really looking to hack your brain then regular light exercise is going to help keep you sharp.

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