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Deadlines getting you down? Get Core Focus® to take off the edge

Whether studying before exams, getting your head around difficult concepts or having to write a lengthy essay with little time, students face a lot of pressure to perform academically. For this reason, stimulants like Caffeine must look very appealing for that extra boost to get the job done.


Whether you lack the motivation to work, are feeling overwhelmed, or struggle with difficult study materials, there are many reasons why you may feel you are not achieving the highest grades you are capable of. Even those who are at the top of their class can benefit from using Core Focus® to improve their mental performance.


Modern Universities demand a lot from their students. Whether underperforming or overwhelmed, there is no doubt that many students feel the need for cognitive enhancing supplements. Regardless of whether this should be considered ethically as cheating or not, the fact is that students will go to tremendous lengths to ensure they perform well academically and there is no question as to whether it is better to use potentially illegal, habit-forming and dangerous drugs like Adderall or safe, legal, neuro-protective supplements like Core Focus®.



Most students also need help with increasing their focus and mental drive to get ready to study effectively. Both the Caffeine and the L-Theanine included in Core Focus® will help to promote this effect. You are probably already aware of the effects of Caffeine. It works by reducing adenosine transmission within the brain, reducing your level of tiredness and fatigue. L-Theanine is also included in Core Focus® to help counteract the normal negative side-effects of Caffeine, such as nervousness and a jittery feeling. It also tends to increase overall alertness and the ability to switch tasks more effectively.



Boosting your intelligence capacity can obviously make a big difference when it comes to doing well academically, but there are different types of intelligence to consider. The first form, crystallised intelligence, refers to the cumulative amount of knowledge you have acquired over your lifetime and is very much a function of long-term memory. The second type, fluid intelligence, is independent of prior knowledge, referring more to your ability to think logically, problem solve and recognise patterns.


Increased functionality of working memory, and by extension of fluid intelligence, can be particularly helpful in fields of study like engineering, mathematics and science, in which students are constantly challenged to solve problems, manipulate information and think laterally. Keeping on top of your mental performance is imperative when taking on heavy workloads.


Reducing Anxiety and Stress:

With deadlines to meet and exams that may ultimately determine future career prospects, there is no denying that as a student today, you are under a substantial amount of pressure. This often leads to underperforming because of pre-test nerves, or dropping out altogether to take yourself away from stress-inducing situations. Therefore, being able to control or reduce anxiety and stress levels is important not only for academic success, but for personal welfare as well. Experiencing some stress and anxiety is perfectly normal, but it becomes a problem when these feelings of anxiety and stress prevent us from being productive, or this reaction occurs frequently in response to inappropriate situations. Core Focus® contains anti-anxiety ingredients (such as L-Theanine) which could help relieve these extensive stress levels and promote the user to have a more positive outlook on their situation.

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