Including the world’s most natural and popular stimulant, caffeine, and using it in its purest form in the supplement allows Core Focus® to maximise its positive effects. Caffeine enhances mental alertness and allows you to combat a lack of energy by providing the surge needed to maximise your productivity during a particularly hard workload.





Ever wondered how to improve concentration? Some people turn to caffeine, but caffeine users often experience an anxious jittery feeling followed by a crash. It is because of this that Core Focus® has included the naturally occurring amino acid L-theanine. L-theanine and caffeine, two very different compounds, work synergistically to enhance each other’s positives and negate the negatives. The result: you with a focused and alert yet calm state of mind and a product that outperforms other popular sources of caffeine.





The Core Focus® synergistic formula contains key nootropics. A nootropic, otherwise known as a neuroenhancer or cognitive supplement, is used to boost cognitive functions, memory and attention. It does so by helping the brain receive and send signals more efficiently (via neurotransmitters). They can also enhance memory retention and recall, which is perfect to help you reach your optimal level of mental performance when working or studying and makes Core Focus® the perfect food for the brain.





There are a number of ingredients included in Core Focus® that, when combined, can have a positive effects to improve memory. You can improve your working and spatial memory by supplementing your brain with the fuel needed for effective memory construction, processing and recall. It is vital to allow your brain the necessary fuel to encode, store and retrieve memories when you really need them.